March 15th, 2019

Exploring PowerShell Scripting



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Over the summer I wrote an article about Batch scripting and just a few weeks ago wrote a follow up on Bash scripting. Today I'm exploring PowerShell scripting on Windows. I've used PowerShell at work recently for automating the deployment of .NET applications. The rest of this article looks at basic features of PowerShell and how it compares to Bash and Batch.

What is a PowerShell Script?


August 18th, 2019

Revisiting Type Equality



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In this article I'm revisiting the concept of type equality. Type equality is a topic that software engineers learn early on in their careers. Similar to any other profession, it's beneficial to go back to the basics for practice. Professional basketball players practice layups before each game. Professional programmers should work at the basics as well. I spent this past week re-learning type equality in 13 different languages. In the process I've reaffirmed my knowledge and gained new insights. The rest of this article discusses my findings.

The Different Forms of Type Equality


July 31st, 2018

Exploring Batch Scripting


Command Line Scripting

Recently I worked on a project which required some basic command line scripting. One of the VMs I worked on was a Windows box, and the scripts consisted of Batch files. Although I'd seen a few Batch scripts before in my short software development career (~2.3 years), I never actually got a chance to write one myself. I figured this was the perfect opportunity to take a look at the basics of Batch scripting. With some knowledge of how to write a Batch script, I'll be capable of comparing Batch to scripts in PowerShell and Bash.

Batch scripts are pieces of code written in a command line interface (shell) on the Windows operating system. For someone new to programming like myself, I always thought of Batch as the precursor to PowerShell. This actually forms a pretty good one sentence comparison between Batch and PowerShell. Although you will often hear developers advocating the switch from Batch to PowerShell, Batch scripting is far from extinct1.