November 15th, 2022

Building and Testing Go Code using Please Build and GitHub Actions

Please Build

GitHub Actions

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During software development, it's important to test logic and perform static code analysis to ensure programs meet certain standards. Build tools and CI/CD platforms help developers automate these tasks. There are many different build tools, such as Make, Bazel, and Please, along with many CI/CD platforms, such as Jenkins, TravisCI, and GitHub Actions (to name a few). Due to a wide variety of choices, it can be overwhelming for engineers to pick the best option for their codebase.

Although I've experimented a bit with TravisCI in the past, most of my CI/CD work up until now has been on Jenkins. Outside of language or platform specific build tools (such as CMake or Webpack), I haven't used many language-agnostic build tools in my code up to this point. While designing my go-programming repository, which contains Go programming language code samples, I decided to work with a new build tool and CI/CD platform.